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All you ever wanted to know about Sumba island.


Top 7 eco-friendly hotels in Indonesia (Sumba, Bali, Gili Trawangan, Raja Ampat…)

 Indonesia has been at the forefront of the green tourism movement for many years now, so it’s no surprise the country plays host to some spectacular eco-friendly hotels and eco lodges. Eco-friendly hotel (also popularly defined as “green hotel”) is a hotel or accommodation that has made sustainable movements to not jeopardize the environment, to use or reuse goods and services ...

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The Trendy Bemos : Cheap Public Transport in Sumba

 Bemo is a typical means of transport which is used like a collecting taxi and is very common sight to be seen on the roads in some Indonesian cities. In several main cities of Indonesia such as Bogor, Bandung, Surabaya, Malang, Padang, Denpasar, etc, bemo is short for “motor tricycles” (in Bahasa is called becak motor), a three-wheeled motor vehicle which is commonly used as ...

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Top 6 Fishing Spots In Indonesia

 Have you ever thought of taking a fishing holiday? Lying between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, Indonesia has abundant marine resources such as coral reefs and fishes. There’s a whole world of fish out there and some amazing exotic places to go fishing throughout Indonesian archipelago. You can fish almost everywhere in Indonesia, even for the anglers, fishing ...

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2015 National Public Holidays in Indonesia

 2015 National Public Holidays in Indonesia The Indonesian Government has decreed 19 official national public holidays in 2015. There are total of 19 holidays in 2015 comprises of 15 official holidays and 4 “joint holidays” designated by the government to create long weekends and encourage domestic tourism. The above number of holidays in 2015 is three days less than 2014 ...

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Sumba : Island of Thousand Cattle

 “You don’t own cattle means you ain’t Sumbanese”…is this statement true? Yes, it’s an authentic proverb created by people of Sumba and has been generally accepted among themselves. In some places of Sumba, especially in East Sumba , personality of the locals have been formed into livestock farmers. For most of their history, people of Sumba believe that cattle are part of their ...

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6 Awesome Things in Sumba Hard to Find Anywhere else

 People who ever landed in Sumba may say “Sumba is beautiful, it’s unspoiled part of the world…”. Some also say “Sumba is a tranquil escape on an undiscovered island”. Indeed it’s all true! Sumba is naturally blessed with a picturesque landscape, well known of its ancient culture and traditions. It is also home to vast, wild savannah and sprawling rainforests ...

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7 Must-See Extraordinary Festivals in Indonesia

 What do you think about festival? Perhaps you would think it’s all about music, parade, crowd, colors, and tons of fun! Basically, festivals have been part of mankind’s history. Most are religious origins while other festivals pertain to seasonal changes and have different cultural significance. Different communities and institutions celebrate their own festivals to honor important historical occasions and events. ...

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logo-Feedvalley-HD : Seeing Lively Indonesia Through Videos

 Who is Feedvalley is another subsidiary of PT. Kosong Satu – the evolving internet based company in Bali, Indonesia. With a mission to help people find and enjoy the Indonesia’s premium and enthralling videos, Feedvalley was pioneered in 2014 by three net-savvy from the ‘wine country’ France; Omri Ben-Canaan, Robin Borzakian and Anaís Favali. Feedvalley is a FREE video streaming sites, a home to ...

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Horses as Sumba Cultural Identity

 Mentioning the word “Sumba”, perhaps would remind us of a horse. Why? Because horse has historical ties with the people of Sumba. Horses have been part of life in the most southern island of Indonesia since the mid of 18th Century, far before the Dutch brought cattles to the island and assigned Sumba as cattle breeding center in 1914. From the various ...

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Puru Kambera : The dream of Waingapu’s people

 Sumba is indeed beautiful. Not only the Sumba charming savanna with hordes of cattle in the dry brown grass, its white sandy beaches and crystal clear water make it one of the most sought after destinations for the nature lovers as well as adventure seekers. Puru Kambera is located 26 kilometers, or approximately 45 minutes drive from the city of ...

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